How is our own Network Automation Work?

We basically do most of the work for you so you just need to signup, seat and relax.

As your Upline, we will do the following:

Online Advertising

We have automated ads posting to different social media and big groups so each signups will go to our business partners (you our downline)

Website Creation

We’ve created website like this and more so people can easily signup and learn how it works. As downline, you will have your affiliate link here as well so you can share it to your friends. All your signups will go directly to you.

Events, SMS and Email Marketing

We regularly send out hundred to thousands of sms/email per month to promote our website. More reach means more potential new business partners for all of us.

Vlog and Influence Marketing

We have reglar vlog about travels and is always promoted to all our viewers.


We do content writing and promote our automation to different websites globally and locally. The more signups we get, the more passive income all our business partners will get passively.

Regular Event/Webinars

We conduct regular FREE webinar to all and discuss topic about Digital marketing, how to earn passive income, how to travel for free and so much more. We always promote our business in each events and webinars we do.

How Much Yong Investment Dito?

So ano kelangan mo gawin?

It all starts from Php 7,995 and with that, you will get the following

1. A lifetime business account
2. i-Fern products
3. Unlimited coaching
4. Unlimited downline
5. Passive income
6. Travel opportunity

Step by Step Procedure:

1. Mag signup lang
2. Pay the package you are interested ( you can pay online using your credit/debit card or mobile bank transfer)
3. Once a member, you can now wait for your turn and we will add your downlines automatically like 50% of your downlines. You can help so it will be faster.
4. Earn unlimited passive income
5. You can also help in marketing to earn x2 more by sharing your affiliate link to your friends and refer to us directly. All your referral will go directly to you.

If you upgrade to Php23,995 or Php55,995, you will get x3 or x7 more passive income plus we will give you FREE website like this.

Gaano kabilis ang R.O.I?

It all depends, the more people signup here the faster we get our R.O.I. You can just invite your friends to visit our website, share your affiliate link, share our videos, events or you can organise one and invite all your friends then kami na pupunta sa inyo to talk to all your referral. Our estimate varies from 1 day to 6 months. Bakit kaya ng 1-day? yes kasi if ever naka refer ka ng 2-3 friends to join us and ng avail ng package worth 55,995. Un commission mo dun ay more than what you invested so balik na balik agad un puhunan mo. Bakit naman kya aabot pa ng 6 months? it’s very rare na umabot pa eto just if ever lang walng mga members ng sisignup sa website natin my potential tumagal ng kaunti, para lang hndi tyo umasa ng subrang bilis pero hindi impossible.

Ngyon, are you ready to signup? fully automated at wla ka na masydong effort. This is limited time, at we might increase our prices for this services very soon.